“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” Dr. SeussOh the places you’ll go

This week, motivation is one of the topics on the discussion board. One of the threads (started by Jolene) posed the following wonderful questions:

1) How motivated have you been in this course and the PIDP?

2) What increases or decreases your motivation?

After reading these questions, I knew that I had to put my full response in my blog.

Starting with number 1, I would say that I have been very motivated in this course as well as in the other courses I have completed in the program. For me, my motivation is more intrinsic than extrinsic but it has been a life-long journey to get to that place.

My desire and passion for learning really was not present during my high school years. Though I successfully completed my grade 12, I can honestly say that I found no joy in learning until I entered college in my early thirties. Even then my motivation was more extrinsic than intrinsic; get the straight A’s, get on the dean’s list, get awards and bursaries. Though I did it all and felt a great sense of pride and personal accomplishment afterwards, once the dean’s pin went into the box and the awards were put away for safe keeping, it was all that I had learned and absorbed during the ECCE program that stayed with me. I quickly realised that the knowledge and skill set I gained during the program was what I was taking with me into the ECCE field, not the accolades.

Once I began working in the ECCE field, I knew I wanted to learn more; not because I had to but because I wanted to. That was twenty plus years ago and I have been taking courses and seeking out learning opportunities ever since then.

My motivation in this 3250 course and the PIDP remains strong and will continue to remain strong because I am internally driven to keep it that way. Would I ever say no to an A? No, but at 51, grades no longer drive me, the learning does. I love learning and learning from others. I am excited when I learn something new and equally excited when I get to transfer this new knowledge into my work as an ECCE instructor.

Though external obligations or events may at times impact my performance or the time it will take to complete the PID program, (life happens),  life (and my mother), also taught me that I can overcome any obstacle and succeed at anything I put my mind to, “Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”

As for number 2- What motivates me? Me (as you can see) and a few other very critical things:

  • Regular Feedback- from my instructor and others in my cohort
  • Supportive family, friends and colleagues
  • Clear course outlines and assignments
  • Practical, useable information

What decreases my motivation? When the above are not visible.