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Summary of my Digital Project on Reflective Journaling.

For my 3250 digital project, I decided to make a 5 minute video on Reflective Journaling and how this learning tool can be used with Early Childhood Care and Education students (ECCE).

In this video, I discuss what reflective journaling is and speak to its importance. I also address the challenges learners may face in the reflective journaling process and how the instructor can support the learner to overcome those challenges. Here is the link:

Though I truly appreciate videos and the value they hold as teaching tools, I will be honest, when I found out that a digital project was one of the assignments for the 3250 course, fear was my first reaction. Having never created a video, I knew this assignment was going to take me far out of my comfort zone.

So I did what many of us do when faced with carrying-out a non-familiar task, I went into avoidance mode. Oh I spent hours researching the subject, made notes, enlarged and categorized my notes, explored the various recommended video making tools, watched all the tutorials, watched other instructional strategies videos, talked to other instructors about reflective journaling…for weeks I prepared until there was nothing left to prepare. Finally the time had come to face my fear and summon the courage to press the record button.

When it was over, I will admit that I was relieved, but I also knew that I had just created a purposeful video that will support me and others in our work with ECCE students. What surprised me the most was how much I had really enjoyed making the video itself. As a result, I fully intend to continue building onto my budding video production skill set by making more videos to use in my teaching.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy but like Patty Chang Anker says in her inspirational Tedx Talks video, “If you chose to step out of your comfort zone, exciting things can happen.”

Warning: Leaving Comfort Zone: Things Could Get Exciting-Patty Chang Anker