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Week 3

Well it is Sunday and the last day for the Positive Learning Discussion Board. What an amazing experience! I can honestly say that the information, perspectives and experiences that the cohort provided truly added to my learning, and I (humble) hope that I was able to contribute something of value to this collaborative endeavour.

As Rhonda pointed out in my summary post, “unbelievable how much we discussed”; I would have to agree with her. It was amazing to see how one idea or thought could branch off into so many areas, yet still all relate to the learning environment. What was equally amazing is that even though we have never met face-to-face, the connection I felt to my cohort throughout this process was wonderful. Building a sense of community can be challenging in an online course, but by participating as a cohort in multiple discussion forums, I feel we are all doing just that.

“Discussion forums promote interaction and discussion between learners and assist in building learning communities” (Garrison, 1993). http://www.col.org/pcf3/Papers/PDFs/Corich_Stephen.pdf

So it is on to week 4, threads to follow, comments to add and new learning to be gained. Then there is my instructional strategies video and the mid-term discussion board assessment to complete. Though at times I do find myself feeling like the “little engine that could”, (trying to gather up steam to make it up the hill), I will not adopt an “I think I can” attitude. Instead, this week I have decided to switch it up a notch and adopt an “I know I can!” philosophy.

For you information, I have Included my Positive Learning Environment Summary and two great reads about Discussion Boards in this post.

Positive Learning Environments Discussion Board Summary-Katrina

Using Discussion Forums to Support Collaboration

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Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Massey University, New Zealand


Should you let Students Lead Discussion Boards?

Faulty Focus-Joan Thompson Author