Week 2

Wow, what a busy week!

It was great to submit my first journal entry (even though I discovered  a spelling mistake after it was submitted). For this entry, I chose to focus on the impact of emotions in the learning environment. Though there were multiple topics addressed by Barkley in the first 4 chapters of her text, I found myself continually drawn back to the section on The Affective Domain and particularly Affect and Learning. I believe I was drawn to this topic because I have seen both the positive and negative impact emotions can have on the learner, yet often find that their importance is often down-played or not even considered by those creating and delivering curriculum.

In my research for this journal entry, there were several articles that I found of particular interest regarding emotions and their effect. I encourage you to check-out the following:

I must say that I am enjoying reading Barkley’s text- Student Engagement Techniques, particularly Part Two-Tips and Strategies. As several of these ideas are new to me, I have found myself eagerly trying out several of the strategies she outlines. In-fact my colleagues and I are now using the “Critical Incident Questionnaire” (p.328) on a monthly basis. We did adapt a few of the questions to meet our needs, but based on our results so far, we are finding that this questionnaire is a great way to collect student feedback.

I must also add that I have been truly enjoying participating in the discussion forums. I really appreciate having Amie as a co-facilitator on the Positive Learning Environment forum we are currently hosting. She has been a great learning partner, and I truly value Amie’s perspective and the information she continuously seeks out and shares.

Though keeping up with all of the posts can be challenging, the learning I am acquiring through each is amazing.

Enjoying this collaborative process and looking forward to week #3!!!