I really enjoyed my web-conference experience with my learning partner Carlene. What I found amazing is how you can live so far away from someone and yet share so very much in common.

Carlene and I are both Early Childhood Care and Educators and have spent the same amount of time (approx..) working in the childcare field. We share the same roles in our places of work and both aspire to be full-time ECCE instructors. What Carlene and I also discovered through our conversations is that we share the same philosophy in regards to early year’s care and education.

For our web-conference, Carlene and I had decided that we would research and discuss learner-centered education. Though we were looking at this topic from an adult education perspective, we quickly realized that we had both put aspects of this theory into practice in our work with children. Personally, I learned a great deal through this interactive conference experience, but I think the major learning that we both took away was how beneficial the learner-centered approach can be when working with adult learners.

Even though the web-conference assignment is now completed, I know that Carlene and I will continue to check-in with each other as we continue on our PIDP journeys.