New Insights:

 In the December 2012 edition of the Huffington Post on-line journal, a post written by Stephen Downes (2010),  listed and described 23 roles an educator plays (or potentially plays). Though a substantial number, like Downes, I do not think that the list completely captures the vast array of roles an adult educator plays in today’s evolving learning environments.

If asked, it would be no easier to answer the question, “What roles do educators not play?”, due to the fact that an instructor’s role is ever-changing and expanding. In the course of an hour an educator may need to become a coach, facilitator, guide, motivator, historian and techie (to name a few).  The “hat” an instructor wears depends a great deal on who he or she is teaching, what they are teaching, how they are going to teach and where the lesson or experience will be taught. For me, an instructor’s role is or needs to be as multifaceted and as diverse as the adult learners they teach.

Stephen Downes post, The Role of the Educator, can be found at: